Collecting on the Cutting Edge

What do you collect? For North Yarmouth resident Jim Brown, it’s knives.

Think about it … throughout human history, knives have “cut across” all aspects of society and culture. In ancient times knives were basic, sharpened stones used for construction, basic food preparation, combat, and survival. As civilization progressed, they were one of the most important tools that prompted the rise of technology, science, and military human power. Knives were used to protect, but also to efficiently prepare food and to eat meals at the dinner table.

Knives have evolved into beautiful feats of modern technology now created using various metals and precious woods.

Come hear historian Jim Brown talk about his collection of antique knives, from the early 1700s and beyond. Jim’s passion is evident, from the huge variety of knives he has amassed over the years: Maine-marked knives and others that hail from as far away as Sweden. Find out how he got started and hear him talk about some of particular favorites.

AND … we’ll put one of those knives to use. We’ll be cutting a cake to commemorate the $850,000 raised to move and restore Old Town House! The building is well on its way to completion, with most interior work complete, including a spacious Archives for NYHS’s precious collections. Join us!

P.S. Got an old knife you’d like some information about? Bring it to the program for Jim to identify!