Comin’ Along!

We sure had an exciting and fun Open House and Sign Reveal last week! Now, finally, those who pass by won’t need to ask “Just what IS that interesting building?”! Our beautiful sign is back up.

For the historical record, the handsome black and gold sign was created in the 1980s and restored almost two decades ago by resident and signmaker Rob Dransfield. It was removed by a crew of volunteers in 2021 prior to Old Town House’s move to 475 Walnut Hill Road. Since then it was barn-stored by another generous volunteer. A month ago it was carefully cleaned and updated by NYHS Board member Cathy Bunton. Joe Lucey of Joe Lucey Carpentry, our neighbor across the street, re-installed and covered the sign in time for last Thursday’s event. Cathy did the unveiling honors. She had stowed a stepladder just inside the front door, in case of Unveiling Malfunction. And it came in handy!

What a boost to us all to watch friends and neighbors step inside to admire the building’s transformation. Thanks to all who came!

What’s left to be done on Old Town House? Lots, as this article points out. We have to get the railings completed on the front and back porches. There’s the floor refinishing—we can’t wait to get that done. Not to mention trim painting throughout the building. We’d love to finish the kitchen, but that won’t be completed until 2024. Raising $85,000—the last 10% of our fundraising goal—will surely guarantee completion.

AND FINALLY … the all-important furnishing of our Archives space with new shelving and desks, tables, etc. When done, we can finally move our treasure trove of historical materials out of our current crammed space in the Fire and Rescue building and into new digs. A vision realized.

And THEN it will be time for a really grand Grand Opening!