Light a Fire with a Match …

Get Fired Up with NYHS!

We’re looking for volunteers to help keep North Yarmouth Historical moving forward. And it’s a great time to join in.

NYHS is in the business of building community by using our town’s rich history as a way to bring people together. And as we get closer to Old Town House’s opening, that means we’ll be getting busier, and having a lot more fun.

Yes, you’d be helping, but also, YES, you’ll have fun doing it because YES, it’s a great way to match up with fellow residents—friends you haven’t yet met. (True fact … I didn’t really know my neighbor down the way until she got involved with NYHS. She’s still a great friend. Lucky me/us/NYHS!)

We’d like to match YOUR energy with OUR needs. Take a look below. Do you see you? It’s a match! Send us a message and let us know how you’d like to join in. It all starts with a conversation … let’s get talking.

• I’m an organizer. (You will love Archives and Collections!)
• I have a program idea, and I can help make it happen. (Join the Programs & Events Team)
• Baking, serving, refreshments: that’s me. (Programs & Events)
• Stuffing, sealing, addressing are my thing. (Mailing Crew)
• I’m a techie, in cyberspace or at a desktop. (Outreach)
• Magic fingers: I like data entry/typing. (Archives)
• I like hiSTORIES, old photos, brainstorming, etc. (Gazette)
• I’m handy, hands-on, want to help Old Town House thrive. (OTH Committee)
• I want to be part of moving NYHS forward. Our Board actively works to keep NYHS on track and healthy with wisdom, oversight, and input. We’re recruiting now to fill Board positions. Please contact us to start the conversation.

And thank you!