When it’s OK to be > LESS THAN.

Who wants to be  >  Less Than? WE DO.

At the end of 2021, North Yarmouth Historical sent out a challenge to the community: to match a $50,000 pledge to the Old Town House Capital Campaign. Could we? Did we??

We’ve done the math:

We did it! We now have LESS THAN $100,000 to go!

$96,177, to be Exact.

Since we started our campaign a year ago, we have raised $653,823 in cash and commitments. We’re thrilled by this success. And so grateful to all who have contributed!

We still have  < MORE to go, but we’re confident that our fundraising team is = EQUAL to the task.

We’ve also been keeping tabs on the number of contributors to this project, and so far we’re received 150 donations from resident families; 44 from “away”—including donors from neighboring towns, many with North Yarmouth roots; 5 from grant-giving organizations; and 5 in-kind donations from our local contractors. It’s really ++ adding up.

And as 2022 commences and Old Town House’s restoration continues, we’ve got an = equally important challenge: to enlist a < greater % percentage of our friends in supporting local history. We can’t __ underscore how important history is to creating and maintaining a sense of community connectedness.

If we could reach out in person beyond the computer screen and through the invisible Internet, we’d be giving a big pat on the back and a hearty thank you to each and every one!

Raising those final dollars will be challenging. We invite you donateshrink that pesky >, and help ^^ boost our ##s.

$750K = $ucc$$, no > less!


P.S. Want some inspiration? Don’t forget to view our Old Town House history and a slideshow of Old Town House at the new site. Fun stuff on a snowy day …