Project … Progress!

The New Year has begun! We’ve crossed over from 2021 to 2022, and the Old Town House project continues. We’re constantly pinching ourselves as we look back to see what we planned and hoped for—actually happening. There sits Old Town House on the Village Green, just as we had dreamed. Many, many folks have told us that Old Town House looks … well … like it’s always been there. We agree! North Yarmouth’s humble and patient little building seems happy and proud in her new location … and she’s improving every week.

We’ve put together a slideshow of Old Town House’s transformation on its new site. So … queue up a little background music (Don’t Stop Me Now? OK, we’re dating ourselves), click on the link, and enjoy.

But a final slide is missing—THE ROOF! If you didn’t happen to drive by on Monday morning, January 24, from 8 AM until around 12:30, you missed it. In the space of four hours, the shingles were up. Thank you, J.P & Sons!

Our intrepid project managers Rob and Phil of EJ Construction and Buell of Heminway Architects have been muscling their way through the rain, snow, mud, bitter weather, and challenges of a not-so-square 1853 building. (Those who own older houses know EXACTLY what we’re talking about.) Rob and Phil may not be able to completely take the bow out of the north wall, or keep snow from piling up on construction material, or keep their frozen fingers completely thawed, but they and Buell are dedicated to the building’s transformation.

With lots of snow predicted for later this week, just the sight of those shingles in place warms our hearts. If not our frozen fingers …