Looking for Winners!

Oh, that thrilling moment when you come up with the right answer, the right amount, at the right time!

It’s everybody’s dream. And, To Tell the Truth, North Yarmouth Historical has a contest going at the moment. Want to join in? Let’s Make a Deal!

It’s our version of that groovy TV show “The Match Game” (If you’re of a Certain Age, you probably watched it!). Here’s how it goes:

Three generous donors have pledged to match the next $50,000 donated to our Old Town House campaign—and we are closing in on our match goal. We have $6,500 to go! 

Once this match is met, we’ll have $145,000 to go!

The Price is Right. Wouldn’t you agree?

Many donors wait until the end of the year to give—and here we are in the final days of 2021. If you’ve been thinking about contributing, please know that your gift will be doubled if you donate now!

It’s the Date Game, not The Dating Game. (ouch!)

There’s no Secret Password, and it’s easy to give. Just click here for the Final Jeopardy Answer—that is, to get our donation details.

Thanks for making winners of us all, and getting the Old Town House campaign closer to our $750,000 goal. You Bet Your Life we’re excited.

Happy New Year, everybody, and thank you for being generous contestants!