What a Day!

This morning, starting bright and early, EJ Construction, Copp Movers, and lots of expectant NYHS members, friends, and supporters were ready to go. Rob Jeffrey of EJ was waiting at the Village Green; Copp had prepared Old Town House and was ready to go as soon as the Cumberland County Sheriff escort arrived.

On the dot at 10:00 AM, the parade began! With a drone on the watch and dozens of onlookers aiming phones, Old Town House gracefully (really!) moved down the road, led by flashing blues and under the careful supervision of Clayton Copp and crew.












Turning the corner at the Fire Station and making a short jog along Walnut Hill Road, the Town House reached its new home—with plenty of spectators on hand.

Residents from all over town, and local media, too, took some historic shots.
Select Board member David Reed and architect Buell Heminway wearing memorable headgear!




After several hours of moving both pieces into place, the building was carefully covered with two giant tarps against the weather. Work will continue tomorrow. Once the building is stitched together, we can breathe a sigh of relief … and then the next phase of work begins, which will last throughout the next several months.

Although we all love Maine’s beautiful snow, pray that the weather gods and goddesses are kind to us as Old Town House’s exterior envelope is buttoned up. Thanks to all who came to cheer on our newly-placed Old Town House!

And while the actual work progresses on the building, our Capital Campaign Committee is focused on raising the remaining $150,000 to complete the project.

And a big reminder: Several generous donors have agreed to match the next $50,000 raised, doubling the gift you make now. Gifts are tax deductible, and there will be a wall to recognize all campaign donors.

Visit our DONATE page—and thanks so much of being part of this historic project!