The Big Move: TOMORROW, Wednesday, Dec. 15 at 10 AM!

   Tomorrow is the Big Move!

Copp Movers has told us that they, and Old Town House, are finally ready. The move is scheduled for 10 AM tomorrow—Wednesday, December 15.

It’s been almost ten years since we’ve started planning this venture, and it’s hard to believe the day is upon us. Away we go.

Starting last Friday, Copp Movers and their hardworking crew (a cast of dozens, it seems!) have skillfully prepared the building for the move.

I-beams now support the building; the interior is braced. The gable ends were carefully removed.

The porch was removed, and workers were surprised to uncover huge granite pieces hidden underneath the wooden steps.

Strange to see Old Town House from the outside in!!

So—about tomorrow:

Two Cumberland County Sheriff cruisers will be at the scene at 10 AM to lead the parade of two flatbed trucks that will carry Old Town House to be re-assembled at its new home at the Village Green. The trucks will start from 470 Memorial Highway, Route 9, and proceed south, turning into the fire station parking lot. They’ll turn north and head onto Route 115 for a short distance, to 475 Walnut Hill Road.

If you want to witness this event, please be sure to stay clear of all the activity. Safety first! Keep an eye out for instructions from the moving crew and the sheriff. Bring a camera. This is a historic event!