Wabanaki Resources


On Wednesday evening April 28, 43 registrants were treated to an in depth Zoom presentation about the indigenous past of the lands where we live. In “Wabanakis in Maine: Our Indigenous Past and Present,” Prof. Joe Hall gave us a great overview of a subject long overdue in the study of our North Yarmouth past, which often begins only with the history of the European settlement of our lands in and around the Royal River.

Prof. Hall has kindly shared his visual presentation with us—Click here. Be sure to take a look at the resources offered on the last slide—helpful recommended books. Another book to look at is Neil Rolde’s “Unsettled Past”

Additionally, Prof. Hall has given us another resource: a recent article Gail Dana-Sacco, Indigenous Voices Charting a Course Beyond the Bicentennial. Click here to read.

We did record the presentation and our webmaster is working on mounting it on the website. Keep an eye out—we’ll post an update with a link!

Finally, Prof. Hall has donated his presentation to us free of charge. In return, he has requested that participants make a donation to the Bomazeen Land Trust, which works to preserve Wabanaki lands, ancestors, and future generations.