Looking Ahead to 2020

45 years ago, in 1974…

North Yarmouth’s population was 1,750
MSAD#51 was less than ten years old
Land sold at $3,000-$5,000 per acre
The modern 1970 fire station was our the town’s newest, modern building
Farms and chicken barns were still in business
… And North Yarmouth Historical Society held its first meeting.

How North Yarmouth has changed! Our population has more than doubled; MSAD#51 has passed the 50-year mark, development has “found” us, and farming is no longer the town’s economic engine.

But North Yarmouth Historical Society’s mission has not changed. We’ve continued to preserve and protect our town’s historic documents and objects while presenting history in fun and fascinating ways. Whether it’s by helping to research house histories, interviewing residents for Gazette articles, or celebrating fall at Soup & Cider Day, we see connecting with our community as a primary goal.

We’re excited about 2020, a year of wonderful change and opportunity! Our 1853 Old Town House will be moved to the Town Center—the site of the town’s beloved Wescustogo Hall, on the Village Green. Our plans call for upgrading and restoring this beautiful building. Here, NYHS’s overflowing collections will find a new, spacious home. We’ll have a permanent place for hosting programs, events, and exhibits. And for the first time in its 166-year history, the Old Town House will be buttoned up and insulated, creating a warm, welcoming space for everybody from kids to elders.

Meanwhile, our Board of Directors, Old Town House Committee, Membership Committee, Gazette staff, and event volunteers are working together to make NYHS a collaborative community organization.

It all takes enthusiasm and energy … and resources. We’re hoping that you’ll join us this year to as we carry on our mission of “honoring the past, giving to the present, and safeguarding the future.”

Our best to you in this brand new decade, and thank you!

P.S. Whether you’re a brand new resident, have lived here all your life, or now live away, we hope you feel the way we do: North Yarmouth is home.